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The art of ceramics is regarded as one of the oldest; it is described in literature, and archaeological discoveries attest to its long history. The archaeological discoveries, which have been uncovered in many places around the world, describe the civilization of each era.
The art of pottery has been practiced in our country since the Neolithic Era, roughly 7000 BC, according to the discoveries, but Homer merely recorded the first mention of it between 1050 and 900 BC. Ceramics is still a living artistic expression that impacts on many aspects of daily life.
The potter Yiannis Stagidis is one of the few practitioners of this art who remains active in Greece.


Giannis Stangidis

The saying of the French painter Henri Matisse "Whatever is superfluous is harmful", is a basic parameter for the life of the ceramist Stangidis, as it expresses his basic viewpoint on life itself, as well as on his professional activity. In particular, he makes sure that the forms of the objects he produces are simple and unadorned, as the wrapping should not have more value than the content.


Yiannis Stagidis has engaged professionally in the ceramics sector since 1985. His area of expertise is the wheel fashioned production of ceramic objects. The finest clay for a potter’s wheel was and continues to be produced as a result of his love of nature, connection to it, and quest for magic that comes from ceramic art and the use of clay. A superb raw material for the production of ceramic objects on the potter’s wheel, such as fireproof household utensils (pots, tsukali), and wine jugs, in which he specializes, was produced through his exploration and analysis of numerous clay pits. He also experiments with the proper blending of components.

Stagidis has concentrated on research in recent years with the goal of discovering a natural method for waterproofing wine potteries and other items/utensils that are intended to come into contact with liquid substances or food. The outcomes of these experiments have been quite positive and promising.

Additionally, he organizes educational events including Ceramics Workshops for novice and experienced potters as well as lectures and updates on the subject of "Ceramics from the Neolithic Age till Today."

The French painter Henri Matisse's adaged, "What is unneeded, harmful," serves as a guiding principle in the life of potter Stagidis because it captures his fundamental outlook on life and his line of work. He specifically ensures that the shapes of the items he manufactures are uncomplicated and simple because the wrapping shouldn't be more valuable than the content.

His curiosity and the technical challenges he encountered early in his profession led him to explore and comprehend the methods used by potters from the Neolithic age to the present. "To comprehend and develop an art, you must first know its tradition," stated M. Theodorakis. He experimented with ancient Greek pottery techniques as a result of his study of ancient ceramics, and he proceeded on to specialize in experimental ceramics, which he continues to research and practice to this day.

Additionally, he has worked with other Greek archaeological sites, including those in Vergina, Dio, Pella, Giannitsa Mansion, Avgi and Dispilios Kastoria, Philippi Kavala, and Europou Kilkis. The archaeological excavation of a Neolithic settlement in the Paliabella area of Pieria is another significant collaboration that has been continuing for 21 years with Mr. K. Kotsakis, Emeritus Professor of Archeology at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (A.P.Th).

Additionally, he has actively participated in three European research programmes conducted by the University of Athens. In addition, he offers postgraduate and doctoral students consulting support for their ceramics-related diploma theses.

Since he has worked in the field of education for almost 30 years, sharing his knowledge occupies a special place in his professional career. He actively participated as a trainer in six adult education programmes in Europe, as well as in the Volos municipal IEK. He also provided a significant contribution to the "ITHAKI" detoxification centre in Sindos' ceramics lab.

Yiannis Stagidis is a potter who has spent 40 years studying about ceramics from the Neolithic to the Present age. His main focus is the preservation of ceramics/pottery in the modern era. Because of this, he and his two sons, Michalis and Spyros, have begun an initiative to establish the traditional and experimental ceramics studio "POTTERY LAB by Stagkidis - Classes & Workshops".