Pottery workshops with the potter Ioannis Stagidis

Yiannis Stagidis, as a professional potter, has been actively practicing ceramics professionally since 1985. His area of expertise is the production of ceramic objects using a potter’s wheel.
Considering that he has served the educational sector for nearly to 30 years, sharing his knowledge has a special place in his professional career. He participated as an instructor in six adult education programmes across Europe, as well as in the Volos municipal IEK. Additionally, his contribution to the "ITHAKI" detoxification center's ceramics lab is significant.
He has concentrated on research as well as presenting his experience during the last years of his professional career. He offers a number of events, including pottery workshops for beginners and experts, wheel-use seminars, and lectures and informational sessions on the subject of "Ceramics from the Neolithic era to today." He is also active in thematic tourism, hosting ceramics workshops and symposiums lasting between five and seven days alongside tours of historical places and picturesque natural settings.
The potter Ioannis Stagidis provides support to the student in every step of their educational path in pottery as the classes are held in his customary workshop.